Welcome to Kobiro Laboratory

Joint welcome party of Ohtani and Kobiro laboratories for the 3rd year students was held on 16th July at a river beach of Monobe. 





 We have demonstrated novel organic transformations and organic-inorganic hybrid nanoparticle synthesis in supercritical fluids.

 When a fluid is heated under pressure, it reaches a new state different from liquid and vapor at some temperature and pressure, which are so called critical temperature and critical pressure. The fluid situates in the region exceeding from the critical point is called as supercritical fluid. The supercritical fluids showes quite unique properties different from the original fluid. We are performing basic and applied research on organic transformations and organic-inorganic nanoparticle synthesis in the supercritical fluids.




Ms. Hien Thi Thu Ngyuen (D2) and  r. Yoshitaka Kumabe (M2) joined Supergreen2017, Nagoya.

H. T. T. Ngyuen

Simple Fabrication with Excellent Control of Hollow Spherical SiO2–TiO2 Composite Nanomaterials

Y. Kumabe

Effect of Acid Additives on Methanol Solvothermal Reaction of Titanium tetraalkoxide


Our activity was introduced in a newspaper twice.

The Kochi Shinbun 2017.10.30, 2017.11.8

Ms. Hien Thi Thu Ngyuen (D2) won a poster prize in the 11th Shokubaidojo.


Our paper was accepted in Chem. Commun, which appeared on the inside back cover.

"A new approach to surface activation of porous nanomaterials using non-thermal helium atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment"


The 2nd Structural Nanochemistry Meeting was held in Eikokiji campus of Kochi University of Technology. Professor Hiroki Sakaguchi (Tottori University) and Professor Ayumu Onda gave invited lectures.


 Ms. Farkfun Duriyasart (D2), Ms. Hien Thi Thu Nguyen (D1), and Mr. Daiki Morito (B4) had presentation of their chemistry at the 97th Annual Meeting of Japan Chemical Society、Yokohama, Japan.

  • Photocatalytic activity enhancement of one-pot synthesized titania by facile non-thermal helium atmospheric plasma treatment, 4A9-11, Farkfun Duriyasart (D2)
  • Synthesis of hollow spherical titania-silica composite nanoparticle assemblies with controllable composition and their surface modification, 1G1-10, Hien Thi Thu Nguyen (D1)
  • Development of inorganic matrix having the nano concave-convex surface toward mass spectrometry of high molecular weight compounds, 1G1-12 , Daiki Morito (B4)


A factory tour to Daio Paper Corporation was held.


Mr. Dai Hamada (M1) had a poster presentation at the 46th Congress of Heterocyclic Chemistry in Kanazawa.


All of the students joined the 29th Annual Meeting of the  Chemical Society of Kochi and had poster presentations.


Assistant Professor Ohtani introduced his recent chemistry at KOKOPURA


Assistant Professor Ohtani held presentation at the 5th Chemical Frontier Workshop.


Joint welcome party of Ohtani and Kobiro laboratories for the 3rd year students was held on 16th July at a river beach of Monobe. Total 9 members joined us. 



Ms. Farkfun DURIYASART (D2) and Dr. Ohtani Masataka wan the CSJ Student Presentation Award 96th and the Excellent Presentation Award 96 (Academic Field), respectively. 



Professor Kobiro manages a newly established "Laboratory for Structural Nanochemistry," a focused research laboratory, at Research Institute of Kochi University of Technology.



Dr. Masataka Ohtani is promoted to an Assistant Professor and establishes his laboratory "Fanctional nanomaterials Science."



Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien from Vietnam join our group as a graduate student of Doctor course.




Five papers will be presented at The 96th Chemical Society of Japan Annual Meeting,

2D1-48, 2D5-49, 2D5-51, 2D5-52, 2D5-53, 2PB-013, 2PB-014, 2PB-028


Mr. E. K. C. Pradeep (D3) received a Chugoku-Shikoku branch manager prize of the Chemical Society Japan.


Our paper was accepted in CrystEngComm (Royal Society of Chemistry) as a cover page article.



A farewell party was held at Kobi's House. 



MARIMO Project had a booth at the exhibition "Neo Functional Material 2016"



Dr. Ohtani warded a Poster prize on The 5th International Solvothermal and Hydrothermal Association Conference, in Tainan, Taiwan.

"One-pot solvothermal synthesis of hollow mixed transition-metal oxide"



Our recent progress is introduced on a newspaper, Nikkankougyousinbun (日刊工業新聞).




A laboratory recreation trip for Naoshima Islands and Kagawa was held.

2015. 12.12.


Dr. Ohtani presented his paper at 2015 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit (Boston, USA). "Ultra-rapid heating synthesis of multicomponent transition-metal oxide porous assemblies."



Mr. Dai Hamada, Ms. Hiroko Tooriyama, and Mr. E. K. C. Pradeep were awarded Poster prizes at Nanotech Symposium 2015,



Prof. Kobiro present a keynote lecture at IUPAC 11th International Conference on Novel Materials and their Synthesis held in Qinhuangdao, China,

"Synthesis of Novel Spherical Porous Metal Oxide Composite Nanoassemblies" 



Dr. Masataka Ohtani had an oral presentation at the 116th Conference on Catalysis Society of Japan,Tsu, Jappan.

”Quick One-pot Synthesis of Transition Metal Oxides Composites by Ultra-rapid Heating Solvothermal Method"



Mr. E. K. C. Pradeep presented his chemistry on the 2nd Annual International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - ICNSNT 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

"One-pot Single-step Template-free Synthesis of Mesoporous Spherical Composite Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Supercritical Alcohols"



Mr. E. K. C. Pradeep presented his chemistry on The Second Joint Seminar between Kochi University and Kochi University of Technology.
"One-pot Single-step Synthetic Approach to Morphology Controlled Binary Metal Oxide Nanoparticles"



Ms. F. Duriyasart from Thailand joined our group as a graduate student.



Dr. M. Ohtani, Ms. H. Tooriyama, and Mr. K. Takase presented their papers in the 95th CSJ Annual Meeting,

Ultra-rapid heating nanoparticle synthetic method for alloying transition metals, 1F8-10, Dr. Ohtani, 

Ultra-Rapid Heating Synthesis of Fe-Based Mixed-Metal Oxide Nanoparticles, 1F8-12, Ms. Tooriyama, 

One-Dimensional Growth of the Zinc–Phthalic Acid MOF by the Solvent Drying Method, 3F6-44, Mr. Takase.



Mr. E. K. C. Pradeep's paper is selected as "Editor-in-Chief's Featured Article" in the Journal of Supercritical Fluid.



Professor Kobiro gives an invited Lecture on The Japan Society of Applied Physics Spring Meetings 2015, Hiratsuka, Japan.

"One-step Synthesis of Spherical Mesoporous Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Applications"

2015.03.12, 16:45-17:15, 12p-D9-8

Tokai University, Shonan Campus


Professor Kobiro attends Nanotechnology and Materials New Technology Presentation Meeting in Tokyo, Japan

"Large scale and rapid preparation method of hollow and solid spherical mesoporous metal oxide nanoparticles"

9:30 am-9:55 am, Tokyo Headquarters  K's Gobancho 7, Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0076, Japan


Mr. Kazutaka Takase (B4) is awarded the President Award of The Chemical Society of Kochi .



A year-end party was held at Nibukawa hot spring in Imabari, Ehime


Dr. Ohtani attended 2014 International Conference on Artificial Photosynthesis (ICARP2014) held in Awaji, Japan. 

"One-step Synthesis of Spherical Mesoporous Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Applications"



Ms. Tooriyama and Mr. Pradeep attended 4th International Solvothermal and Hydrothermal Association Conference (ISHA 2014) in Bordeaux, France



Profersor Kobiro is rewarded for his contribution in material chemistry as Distinguished Award 2014 for Novel Materials and their Synthesis at IUPAC  10th International Conference on Novel Materials and their Synthesis, in Zhengzhou, China



A papar on nanoparticles is accepted.

Smart Decoration of Mesoporous TiO2 Nanospheres with Noble Metal Alloy Nanoparticles into Core–Shell, Yolk–Core–Shell, and Surface-Dispersion Morphologies,

Pengyu Wang, Hiroko Tooriyama, Kazuya Yokoyama, Masataka Ohtani, Haruyasu Asahara, Tomoya Konishi, Nagatoshi Nishiwaki, Masahiko Shimoda, Yoshiyuki Yamashita, Hideki Yoshikawa, and Kazuya Kobiro,

Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2014, 4254– 4257.

DOI: 10.1002/ejic.201402646


Welcome party for new members were held at restaurant Kochi.


Mr. E. K. C. Pradeep from Sri Lanka joined our group as a graduate student.



Dr. Masataka Ohtani joined our group as a Research Associate.